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OBITUARY: E. George Ricci



E. George Ricci, 88, died Saturday, December 15, 2018, from complications due to a heart condition.


He is survived by his five children, Ellen and her husband Mark, Claire and her husband Chris, Elaine, John and his wife Wendy, and Anne, his eight grandchildren, Brian, Joseph, Cayce, Nick, Lyndsey, Lyssa, Matt, and Spencer, and his six great-grandchildren.


Born November 4, 1930, in Los Angeles, California, George Ricci spent much of his youth riding the old railway Red Car through Echo Park and playing on the hillsides of the area that would eventually become Dodgers Stadium. As he matured into a young man, he attended East Los Angeles College before completing his degree at UCLA and serving in the United States Navy.

In 1957, he married Geraldine Hurley, his love, his best friend, and his most loyal supporter throughout all of George's adventures. After she passed in 1995, George fully immersed himself in his passion for cleaner, better water.


George had gained greater awareness of water contamination issues as he grew older. He understood that drinking water treatment options existed, but recognized the unfulfilled need for a device that could treat harmful chlorine in the shower. George noted that as the skin was the largest organ in the body, it deserved to be protected from the harmful effects of waterborne chemicals like chlorine. He then set out to fulfill this product niche, stating, "If we create a device that is built with quality and performance, and that we could sell it for less than one hundred dollars, then the world would accept that."


Realizing the unique criteria required for a truly effective shower filter, George founded Rainshower in 1989 after two years of research and development in producing the first KDF-based shower filter on the market. The success of his shower filters spurred the growth and expansion of his company, and it continues to produce water treatment products for the shower, bath, and garden to this day.


George was strongly influenced throughout his life by his Catholic faith, which granted him an optimistic viewpoint and the belief that if you try your best and look out for those around you, then you would be blessed. His fondness for history on a global and long-term scale led him to state that "man was no different today than the day he crawled out of a cave millions of years ago," emphasizing that people have had the same essential drives and needs throughout history. And despite his fundamental optimism, he also believed in being ready for anything, and stressed the importance of thinking things out and planning for every possible variation. He would often punctuate this with one of his favorite phrases, "Belts and suspenders."


Throughout his long life and career, the most lasting impression of George Ricci is that of a teacher. Instead of giving out his own answers on an issue, he promoted individual thought, discussion, and creative problem solving. Rather than resolving something directly, he fostered growth by giving others the necessary tools to achieve. And he understood that while simple problems might be fixed with money, the most important problems required deeper solutions.


George Ricci was many things in life: a husband, a father, a student, a veteran, an entrepreneur, a founder, an inventor, and a teacher. But to his many grateful employees and colleagues, he was above all else a good man, and a good friend. Farewell, Uncle George.


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