•  KDF® Media - Atomized Copper and Zinc, also called Redox Media, used to remove chlorine from your water. (See Learn More Section

    on website)

•  Crystalline Quartz - Virgin American Crystal used to “energize” the water. Generates "good" negative ions.

•  Housing - The outside of the filter unit that holds the cartridge.

•  Filter Cartridge - The container that holds the filter media.

•  Non-Cartridge Type - Shower filter that is one whole unit. Does not have a replaceable cartridge.

•  Red Plug - Plug placed in the inlet of the filter to prevent thread damage. Remove before Installing.

•  Shower Arm - Water piping which comes out of your shower wall.

•  Wonder Washer - Specially designed rubber washer and brass sleeve found in the inlet of the housing, which prevents washer collapse

    and better water seal.

•  O-Rings - Rubber rings found inside and outside the filter housings, which acts as gaskets.

•  Showerhead - Device attached to the outlet used to deliver water, does not filter water

•  Free Available Chlorine (Cl2) - The most commonly found type of chlorine in municipal water supplies.

•  Chloramines - The combination of chlorine and ammonia found in some water supplies (NH2Cl).

•  Pre-Filter - Sediment filter that removes particulates from water before entering the garden filters.

•  Throttle Valve - Device used to turn water off & on with a safety drip to avoid back pressure.

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