Rainshower offers several financing options for your product purchase. Please review the following information for financing details.

  • Returned purchases will be subject to any applicable financing fees from Sezzle or PayPal. Financing fees are calculated from the time the order was placed to the time the order was returned. Any financing fees are applied by the financing company and cannot be adjusted or waived by Rainshower.

Financing Through Sezzle

Sezzle offers two separate financing options. Please note their is certain restrictions on financing:

  • Sezzle financing is available on minimum purchases totaling $299 or more
  • Sezzle financing is available in the 50 states + DC
    • Residents of Canada & US Territories (including Puerto Rico) are only eligible for the "Pay in 4" payment option
    • Sezzle doesn't offer Spanish translations - all correspondence need to be in English
    • Addresses must be valid and entered correctly (validate address through checkout or USPS)

Sezzle Pay In 4

Sezzle “Pay in 4” splits the purchase total into 4 interest-free payments.

  • The first payment is due at the time of purchase.
  • Each of the next 3 payments is due at 2-week intervals after the first payment. So, the payments are split as follows: 
    • 1st payment: due at the time of purchase
    • 2nd payment: due 2 weeks after the initial purchase
    • 3rd payment: due 4 weeks after the initial purchase
    • 4th payment: due 6 weeks after the initial purchase

Does Pay in 4 affect my credit score?

  • Pay in 4 requires a soft credit check approval through Sezzle, but does not affect your credit score.

What is the interest rate for Pay in 4?

  • There is no interest on Pay in 4 purchases (0% interest rate).

Sezzle Financing: 3, 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 Months

Sezzle Financing allows larger purchases to be split into monthly payments over a longer period of time (available in the 50 states + DC).

  • The first payment is due 1 month after purchase.
  • Monthly payments are split over a 3- to 48-month period.

Does Sezzle Financing affect my credit score?

  • Sezzle Financing approvals are instant and do not affect your credit score.

What is the interest rate for Sezzle Financing?

  • The APR for Sezzle Financing varies from 0%-29.99% based on your credit.

How does the Sezzle Financing process work?

  • Upon selecting “Monthly payments” through Sezzle on a minimum purchase of $299, Sezzle will check your credit and offer several plans of varying interest rates and durations.
  • Review the plans you are eligible for and select the monthly payment offer that works best for you.

Additional Information for Sezzle Financing

PayPal Option

Questions regarding PayPal will need to be directed to PayPal through your PayPal account.