Rainshower Welcomes Foreign Sales Accounts

We at Rainshower are knowledgeable in exporting and look forward to the prospect of a business relationship with your company. All of our products are suitable for export, and we are able to customize our products to fit specific needs in your country. Our Renew filters can be modified to accommodate medium and low-pressure applications making them ideal for certain overseas usage.


Wholesale orders are required to be a wire transfer.


Additional product literature and dealer information is available, as well as product brochures. Please email us with your questions, or to inquire about export pricing, and procedures.


When you do decide to order product we will require that your order be pre-paid before shipment. Funds may be wired to our bank or you may pay by credit card. We ship within a few hours of confirmation of the transfer of funds for your order.


We can protect all export shipments of the Restore and Relax by packaging individual units in kraft shipper boxes at a small additional charge. This extra protection ensures that your order arrives in good shape.