Builder Rank Advancement - March 2024

Apr 11th 2024

Builder Rank Advancement - March 2024

Builder Rank Advancement

We want to congratulate the Builders below who advanced to a new level of achievement during the month of March 2024.

Executive Builders

Terrell Brent

Kelly Caleb

Heather Ferri Productions LLC

Kendra Hofer

Allison Hoffman

Kevin Lawrence

Alex Lee

Michelle Lyon-Heatherly

Manitoba Inc

Melinda Masters

Alexis Nguyen

Sydney Ordean

Katie Owen

Diana Reynolds

Jody Scimone

Charissa Thomas

Jessica Wankel

Caren Wendt

Senior Builders

Carly Brown

Meghan Giudice

Shiva Hess

Holistic Living Pathway LLC

Master Builders

Marcia Anderson

Magaly Cardona

Hayley Grubb

Robert Mcelwain

Destinee Perata LLC

Kara Preciado

Network Director

Natalie Smith